Introduce--This guy is good at japanese as well. His IELTS results is 8. A hongkong guy. A rubbish guy, i think. Only because he cannot do anything expect study. Just like a child.
But anyway he is brilliant. He can do everything that he want.^^
This is one of his blog.(only for reading)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A mainland girl got an A in AS law in her first attempt. In my impression, her English is not the best amongst her mates but still, she has achieved what she has achieved. She is clever, no doubt about it. However, if we only say she is clever it would be a bit unfair to her. She is very determined and she is hardworking. She definitely deserves it. "Academic result is never the most crucial part of one's life." That's what I believed in and I am still believing it so I never try my very best in my exams, may be I do in the final days of the exams, nevertheless, I skive very frequently. The girl really gets me thinking. I know some people work hard for some very stupid reasons and live a hard life. I don't think she is one of them though she is not having a similar life style as me and I haven't  actually talked to her much. She has achieved something that I haven't achieved after all.

She hasn't recieved english education that I have had. She should be very proud of herself and I should be ashamed and actually I am. In my theory, many high-score stupids get into good universities while the ones who know the world get into some not very good unis or dont even have a chance to get into one. The latter under-estimated the power of the grades. I have been very stupid to think that I have done a very good job in balancing the academic studies and anything other than academic studies. BUT, this girl tells me I haven't exploited my advantages at all!!!! I am obviously able to obtain good results but I am far less determined than her. I am getting there now. I am working hard and I am not wasting time no more. Thanks to that girl. She has done something magnificent.
i said his english is brilliant. Definitely brilliant.
one of the best student in here among chinese.

Get more blogs from him later.
Another one from the same guy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Saturday, where I usually waste all my precious time. Damn, got to set some targets this weekend. Have to finish my business coursework in these two days or I will lose my last chance to grab a good grade in the Alevel. History coursework is less urgent but only a month to go... May Chairman Mao bless me from the hell. My poor leg and tendon have been suffering for years...doctors dont help, then I should think of a solution to sort it out. Right~get things done now
His IELTS results is 8





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